Part 2: Building with the pillars

After the pillars have been dug from the canals, the pillars will need to be dried for about 3 weeks.
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When the pillars are dried, they are ready to start building with the pillars in six different areas.
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Each pillar is about 20m long and these local men would need to rely on each other to pull them up.
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Tsukuda area is set in the old town of Tokyo so the streets are narrow and there are buildings everywhere, you can imagine that it is not easy to carry 20m long pillar around.
%e5%b9%9f%e6%9f%b1_15 %e5%b9%9f%e6%9f%b1_20 %e5%b9%9f%e6%9f%b1_24 Local men used to do this all by them selves, but now days they will use a large crane to help to build with the pillars.






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