“New Balance” Harajuku Shop opens on NOV 5th

We went to check out the new “New Balance” shop today in Harajuku- This flag shop officially opened on November 5th.

As part of major branding purpose, New Balance opened 6 global flag shops around the world this year. Which includes Korea, USA (Boston / San Francisco), England, Italy and Japan. This shop in Tokyo is the biggest shop among them.




This New Balance shop is catered toward runners in general but of course has all the other line-ups such as for woman, kids, apparel, accessories and lifestyle goods as well.




For this special opening in Tokyo, our well known world-wide musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto have designed limited edition for New Balance which has only 110 pcs.



On the 4F of the New Balance building, they’ve opened a cafe called ” Nothing Better”. The shop even have shower room space for those customers who participated in running or yoga events.





At the cafe, they serve light snacks and drinks including their signature coffee.



Stop  by and take a look at this awesome new space!

Shop info:

New Balance Harajuku

4-32-16 Jingumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo

11am-8pm daily




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