First post and first something…

Hello My Edition Viewers,

This is Takayuki Kanno, a new editor for My Edition.

Today’s post is my very first one, so can be a sort of my introduction to you.

It’s a common thing among Japanese that whatever you do the first time in the year means something. The Most likely case would be visiting a temple or a shrine at the new year. You then pray for having a fine life, being healthy, your wishes coming true for you and anyone around, for example. Also it gives you such a fresh mind-set to start with.

Because I’ve been lazy recently, it took a month to visit a local shrine for the first time in 2018. However, visiting a shrine means something to me for sure as a son of a shinto(Japanese religion) priest.

The place named, Sengen Shrine always welcomes us in a sunny day. If you’re lucky, you can see the mount Fuji. My wife and I have been there since 2014 when we moved to Tokyo. Some people prefer to go visit to a famous and big place such as Meiji Jingu, but we think it’s nice to be local. Also quieter surrounding is why we would choose Sengen Shrine.

See the photo of a big crystal. You see some Chinese words carved in the base, it’s Chinese Zodiac. If you know which Chinese Zodiac belongs to you(depends on the year of your birth), you can move the base and adjust your Chinese Zodiac faces towards to the Mt Fuji for praying. The Mt Fuji is not only the symbol of Japan, but also the sanctuary for people in here.

Other pics are at a local Taiwanese restaurant where we often go for dinner. Its name is Ichihuku. The “huku” means happiness(The Chinese character for the word is 福 for your information). Actually this time was our first visit for 2018 as well. First time visit to a local shrine to pray and the first time to enjoy dinner at our favorite place for the year were definitely priceless.


OK, I’m signing off for this time. See you in a couple of weeks unless I’m lazy though.





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