A bonsai tree is an art. It’s not only a plant, but also a living art.

One of my neighbors is an architect, and he and his wife sometimes hold events, social gatherings at his office. The one my wife and I joined recently was “Mini-Bonsai tree for you”.

Bonsai trees had been known as a habit for elder people in Japan. Nowadays, its image is changed drastically. It’s becoming very popular among younger generations. It may be something we need, especially for someone like you who don’t relax because of busy schedule.

You need to take care of your bonsai as if it’s your pet. You need to water it every morning, put it at airy place, cut dead branches when growing, and even wire it for whatever shape you would like it to be. It certainly takes time, but feels like communicating to a sort of nature, which we forget in today’s society.

Or maybe you feel like playing with lego or something. It definitely digs into your childhood if you liked touching mud. That’s what I always think of when removing loose soil and planting moss into my bonsai.

Everybody picked their own trees respectively. You would think just following your instinct. However men tend to choose coniferous trees, according to the botanical researcher who taught us how to plant and basic knowledges of bonsai that day. Hmm, interesting random fact!

My bonsai specie is a Japanese cypress. Yes, followed my instinct I believe, and ended up with coniferous at the end of the day though.

Hope I won’t let it dried out this time(I did last year, really disappointed me). Summer of Tokyo is just crazily hot, and it actually starts now. Let’s hope it grows right through this year and be able to re-plant to a bigger pot next spring!

After the workshop, they served us a beautiful wagashi and a cup of tasty coffee.

His name is Tofu!





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