Tokyo’s new tourist attraction “Small Worlds Tokyo”

Traveling around the world has drastically changed this year. It requires lots of research and willingness to take some risks.

But still feel the need to get away and see the world? Newly opened ” Small Worlds Tokyo” in Odaiba area is a perfect place for you!

It is a theme park where you can experience a 1/80 scale world that is similar to the one we live in.

Enter the main floor through a tunnel, you will arrive at the space center which brings you back to the 70’s through Apollo spacecraft’s launch.

I was surprised how realistic the scene is! The rocket blasts off with smoke and the sound. 🚀

For these who enjoy drinking, grab a glass of beer at a bar overlooking the space center. 🍺

The next floor is a global village area inspired by five countries in Asia and Europe.

Each village has different ambiance and architectures but it doesn’t really say where it is inspired by. It’s entertaining to guess where there are:)

They sure have some imaginary creatures as well. I found a village with dragons. 🐉

This village (I think) inspired by German has pretty european houses and trains. 🚋

As you can see in there photos, the sun rises and then it goes down about every 30 minutes in this world. 🌓

Tiny buildings with tinier humans. And everyone in this miniature cities is really living their lives. One is an employee at a market, the other one is chopping woods in the forest… Some of them even move!

This is a city looks like Switzerland. There is cable cars moving up in the mountain..!

An European beach city. Every detail is amazingly well made such as the waves reaching the shore. 🌊

This Chinese city have a lot of vehicles come and go just like real cities. 🚙

After the city inspired by Tokyo, you will see an airport modeled by Kansai international airport. 🛬

In this tiny airport, airplanes do take off and land. 1/80 scaled airplanes accelerate down a runway with realistic engine sound and take off (into the wall).

It’s quite beautiful to see it lands with sunset view also!

The airport facility next to the runway is also breathtaking. There are ticket counters, restaurants, baggage claim, police dogs and a lot of travelers just like airports in real life!

There is plenty of surprises and joy in this “Small Worlds Tokyo”. I spent more then 3 hours in here this day.

You can really feel some people put a ton of thoughts and energy on this place.

As you walk through the exit, you will see their workshop where small worlds are created. They are so small and detailed!!

Oh and the best part of this place is that you can be a part of small worlds by buying the residence right! They scan you in their 3D scanner and create a 1:80 scale miniature of you and then that can be placed in one of the small worlds’s cities! How fun!

Visit Small Worlds Tokyo in Odaiba!




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