Hiking in Kamikochi

If you are planning a summer trip, consider making it to Kamikochi.

Kamikochi is a popular resort destination in the Northern Japan Alps of Nagano Prefecture. Not only it offers some of Japan’s most spectacular mountain scenery, it gives you a nice break from the intense heat nowadays.

And because they control the number of vehicles by not allowing tourists to drive into the resort by themselves, it has become a sanctuary for wildlife. Many wild animals such as monkeys, bears, rabbits, foxes and various birds (supposed to) live in these mountains.🐤 You can even find ermines if you are extremely lucky!

Unfortunately I could only find some birds and insects. But apparently monkeys aren’t that rare here. 🐵

You can visit Kamikochi by a bus or a taxi. The bus leaves from a nearby town every 30 minutes or so. Bus rides are a bit expensive but totally worth it! After about 20 minutes of bus ride, you arrive at a visitor center.

Take a little walk to the “Kappa Bashi” where all the hiking trails begin from.  Several hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops can be found around this area as well. 🏠

There are many trails to enjoy within the park. Go up to the northwest among the Azusa river if you are a hiking expert. If you are a beginner like myself, you can walk toward the “Taisho Pond” witch will be about 3 hours hiking for a round trip.

Once you leave Kappabashi, there weren’t many other hikers witch is perfect because the hiking trails can be narrow someplace.

Most of the hiking is by this nice river and you can go down to the riverside.

Watch out for bugs when you are walking in the forest. I got stung by mosquitoes and gnats…🐛

I would like to introduce one more place in Nagano. On this trip to Kamikochi, I stayed at a hotel in Hakuba area where is an hour drive from Matsumoto Nagano. 🚙

I woke up early to climb up a mountain for a cup of coffee this morning☕

After 20 minutes on a tram, you arrive on the mountain peak.

This “City bakery” is on elevation of 1,300 meters.

coffee and pastries are quite expensive but you get this view of Hakuba mountains!

Thank you for reading:)




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