Cuddle up with adorable Micro-Pigs

Tokyo is well known as the world capital of animal cafes for animal lovers. There are plenty of animal cafes with a variety of different types of animals in Tokyo. There used to be only a few cat cafes but pet cafes have grown so quickly in number and variety in the last 4-5 years. 🐈 As far as I know, there are dog, rabbit, owl, parrot, goat, snake, penguin cafes in Tokyo now. 🐧

They are perfect place to enjoy hanging out with your favorite furry friends and to learn about these animals. Usually the staff is very knowledgeable.

I have been to a lot of animal cafes and “micro pig cafe” was one of my favorite ones.

When you get into the cafe, you would immediately hear the sound they are making. 🐖 They are just walking around, cuddling each other and napping. If you want their attention, get some treats! You can buy a cup of their favorite vegetable and feed them 😀

There were four micro pigs this day and I could tell each of them have different personalities but all of them are adorable.

This micro pig cafe has different animals besides micro pigs.

Hedgehogs are one of them. 🦔 They are so small and cute. And they sleep funny. This guy looked really relaxed.

You can hold them:)

If you visit animal cafes, keep in mind to always follow the rules and be gentle to the animals. And do some research or look up the reviews of the shop. Some of the shops unfortunately don’t treat the animals well. And some of the animals just aren’t supposed to be chained.

Not every animal cafes are bad for the animals. Identify the ones to avoid and enjoy playing with the adorable friends:)




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