Lives in Tsukishima, Tokyo After graduating from Osaka University of Arts and Photography, he worked as an assistant photographer to an media photographer and then started as a freelancer. He is known for his “street photos” he took while he was traveling places anywhere fromEurope, New Zealand, New York, China and Vietnam.

Part 3: Sumiyoshi Shrine festival – Day 1

2016-10-21 2301

Beginning of the festival, a fictitious lion figure will visit the shrine. Banners for the pillars is up, festive music Read More

Part 2: Building with the pillars

2016-10-19 2184

After the pillars have been dug from the canals, the pillars will need to be dried for about 3 weeks. Read More

Part 1: Digging of large pillars

2016-09-10 2377

Ginza, Tsukiji, Nihonbashi are the places you hear the most when you are visiting Tokyo. When you look carefully there Read More