Hiroshima trip day2: Miyashima

2020-10-09 1106

Miyajima is one of the most visited areas in Hiroshima Prefecture. This small island is well know for its magnificent Read More

Hiroshima Trip Day 1: Rabbit Island

2020-10-02 1161

My husband and I have a little bunny named Onion. Rabbits are truely adorable and fun to be with. Recently Read More

Japan’s most beautiful island – Zamami Okinawa

2016-10-10 2512

Ep 14. Zamami island has got to be best island I’ve been to so far. The reason for this is Read More

Niijima Island, Best surf spot in Japan!

2016-09-06 1973

Ep.01 First ever surf trip to Niijima island which is south of Tokyo! Best surf spot in Japan. Main surfing Read More