Nagano’s lake resort “Lake Suwa”

Lake Suwa is the largest lake in Nagano prefecture. Located in south west of Karuizawa. If you like Hakone and have had enough of it, this lake resort would be perfect for your next trip. It is a chilled and relaxed old Japanese lake town.

The first time I ever visited this town was when I was just a little kid. My grand parents fall in love with the vibe this town has and bought a vacation house in the hills and I have visited there every summer since then.

夫婦揃って平日に休みを取り長野県の諏訪湖に行ってきました。<br />以前、下諏訪温泉に宿泊したことがあるので、今回は上諏訪方面を観光しました。<br /><br />上諏訪は、温泉、神社、城、酒蔵と好きなジャンルが揃っている街。<br />諏訪湖を一望できる立石公園は特に素晴らしかったです。

This town is not too popular but they have one of the biggest fireworks festivals in Japan and about 500 thousand people attend to it every summer.

諏訪湖の花火2019 | 諏訪市観光ガイド|諏訪観光協会 公式サイト
Photo by 諏訪市観光ガイド

The fireworks festival is fun, but Lake Suwa has so much more to offer!

Suwa Taisha (grand shrine) is one of Japan’s oldest Shinto Shrine Complexes.

Historical Suwa Taisha shrine in Suwa city Nagano Japan. Suwa Taisha shrine  is one of the oldest shrine built in 7th century.- 写真素材,ストックフォトの定額制ペイレスイメージズ

Restaurant Kurasuwa is one of my favorite places in Suwa.


Walking path among the lake is well maintained. There is a bike lane as well:)

The mountains around the lake is stunning.

My cats loves watching the view of the lake:)

Lake Suwa is about 3 hours drive from Tokyo. You can also take a limited express train from Shinjuku station to there!




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