Koichi was born in Yamaguchi in 1963. He had a fateful encounter with major artists, Salvador Dali in Venezia, Italy. Dali passed away about 6 month later, and Koichi became a last Japanese person to meet Dali. He was inspired by the greatest photographer in the twentieth century, Robert Mapplethorpe. He comprehensively produce 『A Moment of Eternity』, based on The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Same year, he prized 『The photo exhibition of the year』 in one photographical magazine. For this reason, he woke up to the world of fine art photography, and continued to study it by himself. He is a representative director of Grace News Inc., and takes all photos in the same company. His works especially wedding photography which has inimitable style was highly prized by various circles, and he is active in 『AMAN RESORTS』『ONE&ONLY』『AYANA Resorts and Spa』 etc. as an official photographer.

Now we know why Aman opened Amanemu resort in Ise Shima

2016-09-10 4863

Ise Shima became well known destination after they held G7 Summit this year. 『AMANEMU』resort is here in Ise Shima and Read More