Hiroshima Trip Day 1: Rabbit Island

My husband and I have a little bunny named Onion. Rabbits are truely adorable and fun to be with.

Our adorable Onion

Recently we were able to check off one of our bucket list!

Ōkunoshima as known as rabbit island is located in the inland sea of Japan. It is accessible by ferry from Tadanoumi Port where is about 45 minutes drive from Hiroshima international airport.

This small island used to be manufacturing poison gas during the World War Ⅱ. After the war ended it became the the sanctuary for wild rabbits and now the island is filled with more then 1000 fluffy bunnies.

The ferry ride from the port to the island is only 15 minutes

As soon as we arrived, this one run up to us and welcomed us🐰

They are all so hungry and know that we have food. It was very easy to find them.

We walked around the island and tried to feed them as much as we could!

They are very friendly and used to people. Most of them let us pet and feed them from our hands.

When they get full, they go chill in the shade with their buddies.

Small ones stay inside of their holes and don’t come out often but we were lucky enough to see some baby bunnies. They are the size of a mouse! I think they usually stick together with their brother/ sister:) How cute are they!

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Compare to our Onion, their ear are very long and hair is tick even their breed is the same as him. I guess house rabbits don’t need to be able to hear as much as the wild ones.

The beach is calm and pieceful. I imagine the islanders go hang out at the beach all the time when it is not too hot…

The island has a hotel and a camp site if you would like to wake up next to the rabbit!

They have several rule on the island to protect the rabbits. Make sure to follow them and enjoy the cutest island in Japan! 🐇




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