Hiroshima trip day2: Miyashima

Miyajima is one of the most visited areas in Hiroshima Prefecture. This small island is well know for its magnificent floating red torii gate. But there are much more then just that on this island!

Miyashima is located in the northwest of Hiroshima city. One of the many islands in the Inland Sea. Take a train from Hiroshima and then a ferry takes you to the island.

Newly built Miyashimaguchi ferry station has some souvenir shops and cafes to kill time before the ferry ride.

After a short ferry ride, we arrived at Miyashima AKA Itsukushima. Friendly free-roaming deer welcomed us and walked around with us.

The seashore path is well maintained and extremely piecefull.

Take a stroll among the beach. It’s very pleasant and relaxing. Some people believe Miyashima is a island of god. I don’t know the whole reasons but I did feel something very spiritual about this island.

Itsukushima jinja the shrine complex is listed as a World Heritage Site. The iconic image of its red torii gate standing in the water off the Island is one of the best views in Japan.

Unfortunately the famous floating shrine was under construction but I still enjoyed the experience.

While Itsukushima shrine is the biggest draw on the island, there are a number of other sights well worth visiting.

Toyokuni shrine and the five storied tower is located on top of the hill right next to Itsukushima shrine.

Shopping street has restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and many hotels. Their specialty is oysters! I had fried oysters, grilled oysters, pickled oysters, oyster rice etc..

After the lunch, we went for a hike. The cable cars take you up to the half way of Misen mountain.

Hiking trail is about 30 minutes each way.

Reikadou is one of the many power spots on the trail. The fire has been burning continuously for more then 1200 years. Everything in this room has turned completely black.

Stunning views over the island and the bay from top of the Misen mountain.

This island was almost too beautiful to only visit for such a short time. I already can’t wait to go back there again one day!




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